Xquisite Karaoke

Karaoke That Doesn’t Suck!

Why should I hire you when there’s 50 other guys or more advertising on craigslist for the same thing?

  1. We are reliable.  We will NEVER no call/no show on you or cancel at the last minute.  You will NEVER have to worry if we are going to show up or not.  We set up early and start on time, like clockwork.
  2. We are legal.  We don’t play YouTube videos as karaoke songs or download songs through shady places.  Why? This isn’t legal. You can rest assured we meet standards of the regulating authorities with our music library and can back that up with purchase receipts and/or discs.
  3. We make happy singers.  Singers are happy when they can hear the music, can hear themselves and there’s a lot of songs to choose from. We know that happy singers and their friends buy drinks and food. If they are happy and having a great time, they stay longer.  This is money in the till.
  4. We update regularly.  Karaoke is fun when you can sing current songs as well as the classics.  We pride ourselves in updating at least once a month to get the currently available songs playing on the radio.
  5. We are 100% digital.  Welcome to 21st Century Karaoke! We don’t have outdated, beat-up, sticky songbooks that have missing pages.  We use a computer kiosk that is conveniently placed to sign up for songs and are wired for smart phone sign ups as well.
  6. Our sound is amazing.  We mix every song and every singer. Singers from every location we’ve been at has raved about our sound, and how it compares to nothing else out there. We pull it off with our knowledge of music, our ear for sound, and great equipment to bring it all together.  Karaoke is fun, but GREAT karaoke is an experience and what keeps people coming back for more.
  7. We have experience.  We’ve been doing this for years, and our longest regular gig to date was for 6 1/2 years. Music is what we know.
  8. We have references.  These are from club owners we ran long standing successful shows for.  We can provide corporate and private party references, too – we get a lot of repeat bookings.


OK, so what else can you do for me?

  1. We will make posters for you to display at your location.  Best placement is in the bathrooms (for reading material, of course), at the door, on your event wall, and other places where people congregate.
  2. We will get you listed on Ultimate Bar Guide for free as long as we are with you.  You can manage your listing, pictures and patrons can leave reviews which you can manage.  We can also provide posters for this listing and help you get more reviews.
  3. We entertain. We love to help new singers get their courage.  We sing to help bring others to the stage with our fun and energetic personalities.  We advertise your specials, make any announcements that are needed.  We are professionals and tailor filler music, dancing and the show as a whole to your environment.
  4. Our rates are fair.  There’s a saying – “you get what you pay for” which is very true in the entertainment business. Our prices are aligned with the high-quality, great sounding equipment that we use and the experience we bring.  We offer discounts for multiple nights so be sure to ask about that.


Sounds good – what can I do to help the show be successful?

  1. TALK ABOUT IT.  Bartenders, cocktails and managers converse with patrons and regulars.  Make sure they know when to come for karaoke.
  2. Use social media consistently.  Post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.  Have your staff do the same – they have their own friends, followers and influence apart from your club.
  3. Advertise karaoke wherever possible. Put it on your receipts, your emails, your table toppers and your voicemail.
  4. Advertise on outdoor media.  Put your karaoke day(s) and time(s) on your outdoor sign, chalkboard, sidewalk sign, etc.
  5. Advertise online.  Get your karaoke nights listed online in as many places and directories as possible.  Take advantage of the listing provided at Ultimate Bar Guide by posting details about your club and entertainment schedule.
  6. Keep the karaoke posters up.  Make sure the posters we provide are visible and in good repair.  Let us know you need extras or replacements.
  7. Make the distributors earn their money! Get them to make signs, banners and more posters that include karaoke night(s) and time(s) along with any specials you’ll offer.  Hang them as soon as they arrive, and order replacements when they are needed.
  8. Push for reviews.  Ask patrons to leave reviews for your club and karaoke on as many websites as they can.
  9. Run contests on a regular basis.  Karaoke contests always bring new faces, and those singers bring their friends. We have lots of contest experience, so be sure to ask us how we can get one started for you.


You’ve sold me.  How do I book with you?

  1. Call 801-633-4298 and let’s work out the details.  Or…
  2. Fill out our contact form here with your contact details (please don’t forget the name, location and phone number for your club).

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